Nerdy Words

Create a unique project featuring your favorite words or names using the elements of the Periodic Table, which would be perfect for the science geek in your life.

Each element is 20 stitches wide x 23 stitches high. They each have the symbol of the element along with the atomic number and atomic weight. The pattern includes elements 1-112, 114 and 116.

The elements are created using full stitches, back stitching and French knots. If you're not a fan of French knots, you can always substitute seed beads. I used Mill Hill #22014 on the bookmarks.

I've also included a list of words that can be created to help get you started on your stitching projects.

Project Specifications:

Stitch Count
20w x 23H
DMC #310
Mill Hill Beads #22014

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