Limited Edition Boxes, packed with cross-stitch stuff, fitting together to make something fun!

Boxes packed with cross-stitch stuff to make something fun!

Introducing Stitchin’ Stuff Boxes!!
What is a "Stitchin' Stuff" Box? Great Question! These unique boxes are stuffed full of special products, new items, exclusive designs, coupons & other surprises! Created by ECS folks, each item is hand selected and themed together. Each version of Stitchin' Stuff will be different, but rest assured each will be packed with great stuff! They're awesome!
Quantities will be limited!!! We hand stuff each box, so only a limited number will be available. When they're gone, they're gone, so you'll want to act fast when they're released!
Available Now!!!!
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With limited quantities available, these boxes are gonna go fast. Don't miss out! Send us a notify request and we'll let you know before hand when the next box is coming out.

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