Themed boxes featuring an exclusive project & packed with unique products and special coupons!

Boxes packed with cross-stitch stuff to make something fun!

What is a "Stitchin' Stuff" Box? Great Question! These unique boxes are stuffed full of special products, new items, exclusive designs, coupons & other surprises! Created by ECS folks, each item is hand selected and themed together. Each version of Stitchin' Stuff will be different, but rest assured each will be packed with great stuff! They're awesome!
Wanna know how to get yours?
We release two boxes a year! one in February and one in September with each one having its own theme, unique project, fun and useful products and exclusive ECS coupons! Don't miss out! If you're signed up to receive notifications, then you will be notified when one is getting ready to be released. If you're not signed up, then you can do so on this page!
A Few Quick Details:
  • Two releases a year (Feburary & September)
  • Each box contains an exclusive themed design
  • You'll also receive coupons & special products
  • Prices range from $19 to $39 each.

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