The Learning Sampler

The Learning Sampler was originally an 18 part Stitch Along project that finished up earlier in 2015. I've had so much positive feedback and inquiry about the project that I've decided to re-release it as a single chart project. The project was designed as a way for beginners to learn and practice different types of specialty stitches, so the instructions and diagrams are a bit more in depth than they would be on one of my normal specialty stitch charts, as they assume that this is the first time you've attempted these stitches. The project is suitable for any level of stitcher from beginner to expert.

Project Specifications:

Stitch Count
Project Size
Depends on count used
7 colours of Silk Mill Silk floss or DMC required
Zwiegart Raw Linen in your choice of count (aida not recommended)

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Nicole Dostal
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