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I am unable to use my credit card due to a message I do not understand. Can you verify this for me?
I have a pattern that says to use 1 strand and work 1/2 cross stitches. Does that mean I only make one half of the X? If so, which direction do I go?
A few months back I ordered The Sampler Needlework kit of the Boston Harbor Lighthouse. It is the one with 95w x 75h dimensions. It is also the one without the fluffy clouds but includes the house next to the lighthouse itself. It is worked on a small piece of 40ct silk gauze. I presumed the pattern was to be stitched in all cross stitches. However, the chart includes stitching directions for both basketweave and tent stitches. The floss listing also says floss is to be used for full stitches. There are no clarifying instructions as to whether these full stitches are to be cross-stitches or basketweave or tent stitches. The sky portion of the chart calls for the use of Valdani Overdyed Sky Blue floss. This has a subtle varigated color scheme to it. I know from past experience that using a varigated fiber in basketweave stitch creates the resulting color changes in a diagonal pattern (not what I want to have in the sky portion of my kit). Can anyone please advise as to which of these three stitches are to be used in the various portions of the chart? The pattern is beautiful but the instructions leave a bit to be desired. Many Thanks!
working on EarthDancer by Marilyn Leavitt imblum and i'm having some problems with doing the dream catcher part. can someone help me ?? I would really appreciate it. thank you.
Years ago I purchased Charles Craft huck towels. A fruit pattern in counted cross stitch was shown on each towel, and I purchased directions for several of them. (The patterns apparently came from Stoney Creek Book 280: "Fruits for Every Season" that was possibly discontinued 12/31/20002.) I can no longer find the patterns, but still have three incomplete towels that I would love to finish. I would be happy to purchase the book or pay for the copying of the designs in question. I will be so very grateful if someone here can help!
I'm at that I am again asking for prayers. My friends are falling apart! Asking for prayers again for my dear friend Helen from Florida who is having internal bleeding, waiting for her operation. I would feel so much better knowing that the kind hearts of ECS are pulling for her. Even though I'm dismayed by the weather--lots of snow and cold in my new home the central PA ridges, it IS great stitching weather as I read in the various posts on here. I'm working on a beautiful Lighthouse bookmark which will be gift! Thanks to all for listening.
Her first venture into the front yard since it snowed was hysterical. (Once I managed to get the door open)
I’m changing the dogs name to Iwantoutiwantiniwantoutiwantin. She loves the snow, but hates the wind. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve played this game tonight, I’d say at least 6 based on how many wet towels are hanging around the house.
I know this sounds crazy, but I forgot which cross stitch pattern I ordered. Order number 768720. Can you tell me the pattern name. Thanks, Rose Younce
Just picked up my first beaded kit from a local stitching store. Didn't mean to not buy from ECS just like to support small town shops sometimes. Anyway, a little nervous to work with beads. I will let you know how it goes.
Is this pattern completely cross-stitch?
Well, here's a first for me that I can remember anyway. I started a new project, it was one that I have had for many and I mean many years, if was a picture of the manger scene, the wise men, and 3 other scenes. The kit came with the frame as well. This brainy stitcher, put the fabric on my scroll frame and got things set up (ie: separated the thread), had stitched almost 1/2 of the first picture which was an angel and something told me to look at the scroll frame, and lo and behold, I had not counted correctly to center the stitching correctly. I sat there and kept telling myself really, you didn't pay attention after all these years of you cross stitching. Then I started laughing and my DH asked me why I was laughing, so I told him, he didn't get it. So instead of trashing the project or starting over. I decided to finish the angel and then I would just cut that part off and start the other 4 scenes on the bottom of the fabric. I may have to do some fancy framing at the end but it has been interesting. Anyone else done anything like this before? Just curious. I'm hoping to post a picture of it when finished.
I was shopping on ebay, someone had stamped cross stitching quilt blocks for sale. They described the blocks and then said was all done with a 6 inch hoop. Does it really matter what size hoop you use to hold the fabric? I find it strange never heard of such a thing.
I just want to say how awesome it is to have websites to get our crafting/cross stitch patterns. In the early 1990's we used to be able to get in on fantastic sales of the pamphlets and books that contained all kinds of cross stitch patterns. I still have all those books and go to them frequently when I want to do a project.
Will this stand hold Q Snaps?