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I went back to the hairdresser on Friday. We once again went for red and she assured me and told me exactly what she was going to put on hair (even had consulted with the owner). Remember that my husband said he didn't care if it was purple? Well, you should have seen her panicked face. My hair really was a beautiful shade of purple. I am not lying. It was beautiful. I was tempted to go home like that but she wouldn't let me. She put something on the purple to tone it down and then it started to burn my scalp. Rinsed it out and she got out blonding stuff and slathered it all over. So now, I don't know what color to tell you that I have. I just know it isn't good when teenage girls compliment you on your hair color! But I like it and I am having a good time. Pam
How much is this kit in NZ dollar as I reside in New Zealand? Your price is $21, regards Sue
This is a project i did long ago. It has tabs at the top and I use a branch at the top and twine to hang it. Pam
2 down, 7 to go... I stuck with the recommended floss colors, but am doing it on ivory 22 ct 1 over 1.
Hi Mary, can you please tell me the title of the calendar or publication you posted with the cute window designs? I’d like to try to track down a copy on eBay or Etsy or wherever I can find one. Thank you!
It took a while but I'm proud that I am still as interested in finishing it as I was when I started. I think I will start next in the middle and work to the left so that I can start to see more of the cat and the flowers, the edging can be boring at times and a lot of changing of colors I find when that happens I go to a solid color for a change. sometimes I get upset because I can't spend as much time on it as I would like. Back to my stitching
I ordered it on the Thursday the 13 th and got it in the mail to day!!!!!!! How fast was that......How did I do my conversions with out this.....I have always pulled from my bobbins to change from 2 to 3 strands or any other reason and not all the kits list the DMC color number on the paper work so here I sit and going through all my boxes matching the floss... not any more. How did I get along without this wonderful chart. If your even thinking of ordering it and do a lot of converting it’s a must. Thank you ECS, for your fast service and every little thing you do for us stitcher. Julie. Washington State.
What is the level of difficulty on this?
Hi everyone. I need some help and could think of no better place to go for answers than my fellow stitchers here. I usually buy all my own materials and patterns but my daughter fell in love with a design in kit form that comes from France. Well I received it and it was already gridded and I have no clue on where to start page 1 and then after that where would page 2 go? Any help you could give me would be really appreciated. Karen
Geez Louise! How hard does this have to be? LOL
What floss colors are used in this pattern
I recent received waiting on santa stocking kit. I’m not sure I’m able to do it
Does this use dmc floss
Is this for advanced stitchers? Is this with dmc floss?
I am working on this I didn't get it done for my dads birthday so I am hoping for Christmas. I am on page 8 where the Cue Ball is. If I am stitching it on Antique White will it be easy to see the 3865 or should I wait till I stitch around it before starting the 3865?