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Oh, my... the air out there. Environment Canada says on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the worst air quality possible, we are now at a 10. There's a high risk advisory for people with breathing issues right now, so I've been wearing a respirator mask to stitch (and do everything else) for a couple of days. My eyes are so itchy and watery that I can hardly see to stitch but the breathing is so hard I can barely do anything else but sit!! I have pretty much had my asthma under control for years but not right now. We have a lot of fires in the area. Any good vibes or thoughts for some relief would be awesome. Til then, I'll be here in my particulate mask trying to survive!!
I can’t believe how fast the time flies by when stitching in the evenings....I get started and by the time I check the clock it is 2 a.m. in the morning and I feel like the energizer bunny....
Item SKU # 18-2286. Hi Kristi, Love this pattern, see you are out of it but want to order it. Do you have any information that shows what the name of the fabric and the fabric count is. Looks like a hand-dyed fabric from the sample picture, but nothing is listed. Any info would be helpful. Thanks! :) PS: I sent an e-mail to the Jardin Prive’ website requesting the information as well.
The other day a work mate asked me if I was going to make some more crochet blankets for babies as I did last year for our 'Kidz in Hospital" fund raising we do each September. After some thought I have reluctantly put down "Sweet Rememberance" and picked up the crochet hook and am now over halfway through the second blanket. I will pick up some more wool from the MIL's house on Sunday as she has so much wool in a bedroom I couldn't believe it when I went and looked. There should also be some baby jackets, booties and hats I did a while ago so I must go and find them and they can go as well. Damn I was really getting into this project and not Krafty will get ahead of me.
What kind of needlework is this? Also what kind of thread do you use and how much should you buy? Sarah M.
I have finished and have tried using an medium setting iron and a dry cloth to get wrinkles out, but it has not changed. Is there anything different I should do to help with this?
A young man, who has some mental challenges, rides his bike on our road every day. Today he was in an accident in front of my house. Thankfully he wasn’t injured. I saw him, saw the car, and heard a loud thump. I called 911, then ran outside to check on him. He told me he was okay, and said he rides on the road all the time. I don’t think he understood what a close call he had. The driver of the car was attempting to pass him, when he did a U turn, and he ran into the car. The police had a long talk with him, hopefully he will follow their advice. Side note, they sent 2 cars, (4 officers), a fire truck, (3 people)and an ambulance (another 3 people) I think it took an hour for my heart rate to return to normal, and I still haven’t found my coffee mug, Mabel (who was forced to stay inside, against her will), barked like a maniac until everyone left.
A picture of DH and me migrating!!
I don't understand the measurements given. If I use the calculator 350 x 246 on 25 count I get the stitched area as 28" x 19.7", and the fabric should be 32 x 24. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.
MK, erased your address by mistake. My EMail is Sorry, I just went to erase over 600 emails and only 599 did not matter. Yours did.
Went over to Mystic Stitch website and they changed their website format. Looks nice! It’s been a while and I’ve gotten a bit ‘long in the tooth’ since I was there. Also, putting the The ‘Halloween ‘ chart in my ECS wish list for safe keeping till I hear from Kristi and figure out what geographic location I’m going to be in. 🎃
I just sent my 10 projects to be entered in our regional fair (the fairgrounds are only a couple of hundred yards away from my office - and I'm on the second floor of my building, so I get to see the setting up and taking down of the carnival each year) ... and wondered if anybody else enters their work in local fairs? I am trying to do my part to keep the art alive and interesting - especially for young people! On the one hand, I don't really care about ribbons or rosettes - but on the other hand it's always interesting to see what others are stitching, and what the judges like. Last year, I entered a cross stitch piece that I stitched over 30 years ago - it was my first cross-stitch project, actually. Someone else entered the EXACT same pattern, on a different color cloth. The difference the cloth color made in the final product was fascinating, and illuminating. And it amazed me that the same pattern from long ago was entered the same year. Would love to hear of others' experiences! :)
I decided instead of cross stitching today I would help DH out. I always feel bad watching him mow the lawn by himself, which is about 2 acres, while I just sit, the neighbors do help when they are home but I don't feel like I am contributing. Me being me I went out while he was mowing and asked him to teach me how to drive the riding lawn mower. It is a big one it makes a 60 inch cut and has those little bar thingys you use to make it turn, stop or whatever. I figured easy, no problem. Yep bad, bad decision. Left is right, right is left, forwards is backwards and on and on, plus there is apparently a cut line which a person has to follow and I never did figure that out. So picture a 110lb woman built like a scarecrow bouncing around on this 1000lb mower trying to find the cut line with grass, bugs and god know what else blowing up into her face trying to drive straight(didn't happen I think a toddler could have cut a straighter line 〰️) at a snails pace mowing a lawn, that was me. DH hubby filmed it and if it shows up on Facebook his dinner may not be done right if at all tonight. I need a shower.🤐
What color Aida. Cloth is this stitched on?
Wanted to know what the age range is on this unicorn , because I want to have my 7 year old granddaughter , do her first cross stitch project