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I was going to order some floss that I was running out of but when I came to place to the order the cheapest delivery charge would be $11.05 for a envelope that weights about the same as a normal letter. How can that be especially when I did not receive the proper amount in the first place. The cost of the floss itself was less than five dollars.
Do they include the threads? What is included in these kits?
How many threads per stitch? 2 or more?
Hi, I would like to purchase this but not sure what I am getting. I presume it is a printed graph Cross Stitch sheet with instructions of the pattern only. No fabric or supplies. ManufacturerMystic Stitch ThemesOriental ProductTypeCross Stitch Patterns SKU6393
I did this cute little ladybug in the new Etoile Floss that I ordered from ECS after receiving one in our Stitchin' Stuff box in the January box. I fell in love with the colors and the sparkles that I ordered over a dozen colors! Crazy? Yep, right!! The wings are sparkly and the white leaves of the daisy are sparkly. The words "Sisters" are also black sparkly! If you haven't tried this floss yet, you should - it's so cute! It took me a minute to get used to the texture but the sparkles just mesmerized me! PS: This isn't my finished project, just a picture. I bought if from Stoney Creek - Winter 2017 magazine (which is now sold out).
What is the size and stitch count for this pattern? I usually use 14 ct Aida since anything smaller is too hard on my eyes.
Oops, Sorry! Getting carried away! More "Stuff" in my Cart! Dang it!
It would be befitting, wouldn't it? Who in this chat only buys one pattern and accessories at a time? If there's even one person here, I'm jealous! I can't stop at one - I have so many that I need at least 2 lifetimes to finish it all, but then, I would buy more before completing the second lifetime! MERCY, help me! (teehee)
Hi, I finally ordered the "Nurses are Like Quilts" pattern on Friday, 4/19. My credit card is still in a pending status. How long does it usually take to process an order from Stoney Creek? This is my first time buying from this website.
How long would it take to get to New Zealand
The chocolate bars are Lindt Excellence Bars, 70% Dark Smooth Chocolate. If you are looking for a sweet milk chocolate...this ain't it. This is a very nice dark chocolate, smooth, with a hint of berry, and a lovely "snap". I usually limit myself to 3 squares...12-13 carbs...If I remember correctly. A serving is 4 squares...19 carbs minus 3 for fiber=16 carbs= 4 per sq. I'm careful to keep it occasional. Easy for me because dark chocolate isn't my first choice, but this tames a crave so that I'm not dreaming about chocolate and immediately in trouble and out of control. To my palette, it's rich, doesn't take much. The DD had me share her bar before even discussing the benefits of the bar with me...Nothing works if you hate the taste! 😃 If a product says low fat, low carb, no sweeteners...I give it a pass. When they remove the fat or carbs or sugar, whatever they are replacing it with, is NOT good for you. ☺
Who may i go to order the special things i need that you don't carry
Am planning to bobbinate all my skeins and store them in this chest of drawers.The drawers have provision for dividers, so DH is painstakingly cutting them from matte boerd❤️ . Am I nuts to do this?
Had the nerves burned on the left side of my back today/ the stuff they used to numb it lasted until about 9:00pm.
I purchased this for my mother and she accidentally misplaced the pattern. Is there anyway to access the pattern for her so she can finish the cross stitch?