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I live in St Louis County. We are under a "high"tornado warning alert. The winds are high and blowing on our trees. We are expecting the "worse" will be overhead in about 15 or 20 minutes. The news reports interrupted Jeopardy. It is on at 4:30 PM here. The station must have had a whole lot of calls complaining. about that . The weather man said that they were going to switch back to regular programming; try not interrupted Jeopardy; only making announcements during intermission. After all there are other stations to watch the weather people repeat themselves over and over. Yep! Yes, I know, James won again. Suddenly very dark. I'm turning off the computer and heading downstairs. The airport just announced they were closing down!
My wife recently gave birth to our first child, a wonderful son named Avett. My grandmother, his great grandmother, had been working on what she called the "Fish Picture" ever since I can remember and had planned to gift it to her first great grandchild. For reference, if you google "Fish City cross stitch", you will see the piece. Unfortunately, she has since passed, leaving the "Fish Picture" barely incomplete. I want to commemorate her and all the work she put into this piece with a beautiful mount and frame but I wanted to check in to see if I can find some expert guidance here. My plan is to leave the piece incomplete and even the thread she was working on and needle in tact. Because she wasn't finished, it was not "signed" by her either. Adding her signature is probably the only augmentation I would be willing to do to the piece. - What is the proper way to frame and mount a piece? - She had been working on it for quite some time and she was a smoker (please try to quit!), so i feel like it could use a laundering but I want to maintain the integrity of the piece. Can it be cleaned? - Does anyone have any ideas of displaying an incomplete piece like this, with an eye on commemorating the artist? Thank you all in advance for any advice you may have.
Getting a new and UPDATED I-Phone. DH and I are still using I-phones that are about 8 years old and because they’re so old they don’t have the IOS capability to run certain things. Looking for suggestions of middle-priced phones. DH is satisfied with his because of the low monthly cost. Any suggestions?
Authorized but not endorsed 😁 I am right handed. I stitch two handed. Left on top and Right on bottom. I thread a needle by holding needle in Right and thread in Left. I hold a steak knife in my Left hand and the fork in my Right. I hold a chef knife in my Right hand when prepping veggies and/or meat for meals. I would think my needle threading and steak knife are Left handed positions. My mom is left handed and probably has played an influence on this. Anyone want to participate in the survey. I'd like to confirm/deny that I'm partially in my right mind.
Not to be a PITA but saw your posting to Nettie about the crochet pattern you got in error what about SKUs; 33252, 33253, 33261 and 33263? Patterns all say afghans. Just checking because I thought it was strange when I was going through the new patterns. Kris
Possible ‘Twilight Zone’ Occurance..... OR I need my doctor to adjust my medications..... Had insomnia a few nights ago so I was sitting on the sofa Watching tv, but I started to doze off and my eyes closed.. I’m guessing that as I began to doze off my head started to sink down toward my chest, but that small head movement made me begin to wake up. In those 2 seconds as I opened my eyes I saw my Golden Retriever ‘Blue’ trotting toward me, wagging his tail, then ‘pouf’ visual gone! I sat there trying to wrap my head around what I saw for those 2 seconds......did NOT see Rod Serling nor hear the ‘Twilight Zone’ theme music, and ‘Blue’ has been deceased for 10 years. I was NOT dreaming of the dog and wasn’t even thinking of him.....well, Should I make an appointment to see a therapist?? Or just rack it up to some sort of Freudian moment of sub-conscience hysteria?
Can you list the supplies for SKU 33262 and SKU 33968? Thank you so much!
Finally finished page 5 of Night Watchman. I just love this piece. Sadly, I have to put it away for the summer because I have some other projects that need my attention ... but September is coming! Page 6 begins underneath page 1, so when I start back up, I will finally be going vertical. Can't wait! :) [If you press "View Item" you can see what the finished piece will eventually look like.]
So next up in my stash are 4 Janlynn Kits of seasonal samplers. I normally shy away from kits, but these just "spoke to me". With all the discussion about the pros and cons of kits, I have not seen any comments on Janlynn. They do give a DMC conversion and the threads included may or may not be DMC. The threads do feel stiff. Also they recommend washing the threads before using to fix the color. Does anyone have experience with Janlynn? I would also prefer to use 3 strands vice the 2 recommended. And since I have 4 kits, I could appropriate thread from the other kits and do the last in DMC since I would never display all 4 samplers at the same time. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks - Marsha
How quick can I get Stoney Creek Counted Cross Stitch Book 382?
Well ladies and gents have you looked at the new releases today?? There are at least two pages of patterns from Artecy, Kooler etc. many of which interested me greatly. Needless to say the wish list has grown again!! There is one from Artecy showing a winter scene which I like . It could be a partner to Sweet Rememberance (whenever I finish it).
How long are the side bars? Can you get longer scroll rods? I need at least 26” bars.
I finally finished page one of my HAED Hummingbird. Like Maryann8121 I have been taking care of issues with my parents. I made my mom go into inpatient rehab for two weeks so she could regain strength and have no demands on her i.e. my father. He thinks he is an invalid (which he is not) and must be waited on hand and foot. They live 60 miles away, but when you start making that trip multiple times a week it gets hard on you. I have found an independent living facility near me where I think my mother will be happy. My father wants to only sit in darken house in his underwear. I had him here with me for about 3 weeks and it was pure hell. I had to move all of my stitching stuff because he was sitting in that area and would keep bringing fluids there. No I do not like my father very much at all, but I love my mom dearly and want her final years to be good. At 91 she is very active and social. If anyone has idea's how to deal with a hypochondriac, self centered demanding elderly, I would love your suggestions.
What is the time difference in delivery: Postal Priority can UPS Ground to IR? I meant Postal Priorty vs UPS Ground to OR!
I can't afford to frame all my projects. I have one mounted and laced, 9X10, and wondering what I can do to finish it off. It's for my granddaughter and would like to get it in the mail sometime next week. I hot glued white bric/brac trim on the edge of a small Christmas project, and it looked great. But I'm wondering if something like that can be done with a larger stitching. Any ideas on what you have done? Thank you! Jeanne