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I couldn’t NOT share this with you.
I just purchased this and the instruction tells how to download the conversion chart for anchor floss from their website. The problem...I can’t find any conversion charts.
Well we are now half way through and all is going swimmingly. I am enjoying using the blending thread with the dmc colour. It is coming up very nice. l couldn't get the caron thread used in the original I went to a random dyed dmc thread and it looks very good with the panel shading light to dark and back. I'm even enjoying the beading that has to be done in the panels. Once I have finished this one I will go back and finish the first one that I lost interest in and do it for the older brother and send it over to Australia as an anniversary present. Then I will either go back to Sweet Rememberance for a month or start the birth sampler which has to be ready by March for when junior arrives so that I can stitch the name and birth dater. I'll see how I am feeling when the time comes.
Nancye, I have something I am trying to send you and am having no luck. If you don't mind, could you send your email to Thanks. Pam
I have posted before about my short hair black cat that eats everything that's inedible. The first time was Christmas red tinsel that cost me $500. My son bought a 6 ft. tinsel tree this week. Today DH found her eating on the tinsel. Five minutes later, upchuck. Silver tinsel appeared. Believe that tree is going in son's room. How can I be so dumb sometimes? Pam
did counted cross stitch 20+ yrs. ago,fell in love with it once more !!!
Seasons greetings from down here and may you all get what you wanted and have a lovely time. Hopefully all families will come together in the spirit of the season and put aside their grievances for a few days. We will travel hopefully on that one. Any way Merry Christmas to you all.
I am wondering what company made the Tractors and steam engine in this picture. To me they look like International Harvester and possibly Case. Can anyone help?
Just a message to thank all those that have donated floss for my ongoing stitching classes. Just got finished with a several week course and could have not done it without your generosity and kindness. I wish everyone a joyous holiday season and Merry Christmas and if you still wish or can donate you can contact me here.
6 done 3 to go, and the alphabet will be done. The little pillow I’m giving to a neighbor.
Does anyone have the pattern for this alphabet...I lost mine and cannot find it anywhere on line...thanks
Is this a kit? I could not find a list of thread and material needed. Thanks.
Can you please let me know what threads and beads are needed for this pattern?
why does it say it is only in white or ivory and then below it offers 14 colours? which is it?
What is the size of this cross-stitch, no info given.