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I need a Peace of 14 ct Aida 27 x 25 what size do I need. is it the yard x 25 ?
The train leaflets I found are in an envelop with your address on it. I know that I said one of them had an Amish scene. That was a mistake on my spreadsheet. Really, a train in an Amish town! Not likely. Must have typed something in the wrong square or sorted my spread sheet incorrectly! Anyhow, I won't get to the Post Office until Monday. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEND ME MONEY FOR POSTAGE. I have received items from other members of the ChitChat. Now is my opportunity to PIF (PLAY IT FORWARD) If you notice someone asking for something that you have available send it on. Stitch Away my Friend
So-o-o-ooo, here I am, trying to get a grip on getting things done, with DH nattering on every time the mail arrives from stitchy places. Wish they'd use a more anonymous return address...every single stitchy site. I have hit a snag. I have a pattern that came out in 2013, so in cross stitch, I think it must be ancient, or at least old. It specifies using 331 in DMC. Nobody carries it. Has DMC re-numbered floss? I had a list of floss discontinued, with numbers to refer to when replacing it. Hellllllp!
Prayer request for my 18 year old nephew who just got out of his 4 1/2 hour jaw surgery. All went very well and the doctor said he will look like a totally different person. He was born with a cleft- lip-cleft palate and this should be the last of his surgeries! He had to have his jaw broken in three spots and bone graft put in. His jaw will be wired shut for at least six weeks.
After juggling my family and my mother with dementia, traveling over 500 miles to let her see her great grandsons, not seeing my husband for 2 weeks, a ungrateful family, not DH my niece and her family, so not going into the rest of it allπŸ˜–. I came home after work today to my poor kitty peeing blood again after giving him antibiotics two weeks ago for the same problem. I called the vet but can't get him in until tomorrow. He is 16 so I guess I will see what happens.πŸ˜” whoever said family are the ones you can count on clearly didn't meet mine.
Grid lines on my fabric, magnets and markers for my chart, and I still got lost. I guess the trick is to never put it down!
Hey, Kristi, those scissors are rockin. They are really cool-never have seen anything like them. Have a good week. Pam
Okay this is probably dumb but here goes. I don’t know how or why but my stitching scissors have become magnetized. Keep thinking my needle is gone and it is inevitably stuck to them. Spent some time on the internet looking for corrections to this but all I see is how to demagnetize a magnet. Any ideas or do I just need to scrap them?πŸ™„ Kris
Fellow stitchers when you get a few free minutes from your stitching (ha ha) go to the New Patterns site and see the new ones just released by Artecy. They are gorgeous and some have had the back ground removed which could lend itself to a patterned cloth perhaps?? Guess who has put several on her wish list?? Ah well it's fun thinking I will ever do them but they are there if I do.
With Bermuda going incommunicato for a week we will need others to take up the funny slack. So am asking all to please relate their musings, funny stories, life experiences etc. All of us need her chuckles and wisdom! I am sure their are some out there who have amusing tidbits for us and I know there is a great deal of wisdom - so let's get together and fill in the slack during a Bermuda free zone! 😒
Pam thank you for the offer but I must decline it as I don't think I will ever use it so I will not deny another stitcher that fabric. I will still pay it forward because of your generosity. I went through my stash and found this, it isn't counted cross stitch but candlewicking embroidery. I will never do it. Yes i opened it, as every stitcher with a new product does, but everything is there including the needle. I didn't stitch a thing just put the needle through the fabric boxed it up and called it good. If anybody wants it let me know, like Pam I will pay for shipping. Thank you Pam you are truly an inspiration.
I have misplaced your address. I have part of it and it is my fault. I must have had a senior moment. If you can resend the address via email, I am going to take it to the post ofc. It Sorry about that, usually I have my ducks in a row. Pam
I have a light mauve 30 ct material that anyone can have, no strings attached. Never been opened, just know my eyes will not take working on a 30 ct. My email is and you can send me your address and I will put it on the envelope and delete your address from my email. Not a stalker or even techy in any way. I hope someone responds because it is going to just collect dust. Peace Pam
This box is fantastic! What a great idea to do this. Am looking forward to future boxes. Well done ECS staff!!
I'm just about finished with a picture to enter in the fair and usually wash the projects and iron them dry. There are a lot of metallic stitches in it and I'm wondering if it's safe to iron those. Anyone iron them? Did they survive? My fear is that they might be made of plastic and melt. Thanks for any help.