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Newest WIP- bit the bullet and started my first project on " over 2" fabric ( 28 ct raw opalescent linen). LOVE the sparkley fabric but it is kind of like tiny lights in your vision! Thought this would work up fairly quickly but keep pulling out stitches because I've chosen the wrong hole🙄. Am excited to attempt a new challenge but am feeling "one step forward, two steps back" at the moment! I am sure some of you are shaking your heads thinking been there, done that! 😄
Kristie, Would you post the new supplies for this cute pattern? Thanks!
What a wonderful birthday surprise my husband did for me this past Saturday. I have always wanted to see the Rockettes perform at Radio City Music Hall. We went on a bus trip to New York City and got to see this wonderful performance. Those ladies amaze me with their talent and precision! What a wonderful day we had walking around. I also got to see St. Patrick's Cathedral! Wow, what gorgeous architecture and the statues inside of all the Saints and Mary ......I could go on and on! It was just so beautiful. I didn't forget to make a wish. I was always told whenever you enter a new church you make a wish! Also lit some candles at one of the statue alcoves.
I use the Big LoRan Board for my patterns. I’m wondering if this clip is strong enough to hold such a big piece of metal plus a number of Needleminders. I usually cover my board with the things! Love them! Thank you in advance!
How did I ever function without this marvellow aid! I use it a lot. You can fasten even the shortest threads with it. I highly recommend de-tailor.......👍
Yes, it’s early (even for me) but my husband talked me into it.
It looks bigger horizontally than it did relatively vertical.
For 20 years my life was sidetracked by other responsibilities. I used to produce finished cross stitch projects at a manic rate. I am looking at new patterns, but I want to hear from anyone else who took an unexpected hiatus. Are you struggling with patterns that include partial cross stitches? Are you able to make color substitutions? Do counts smaller than 14 hurt your eyes? Did your muscle memory for beads, knots, and top-stitching and other non-standard stitches take long to rebuild? Transform any advice. I’m looking forward to being a stitcher again.
For the past 3 years I have been living 6 months in New England and 6 months in NC.. I do this so my sister and I can keep my Mom in her own home instead of a nursing home. We alternate the care. Needless to say, when I am down south with my Mom, finding things to do while sitting many hours a day in the living room with her ( she spends her time coloring in adult coloring books), I decided to pick up my favorite past time that I had put aside for 15 years! Counted cross stitch.
One more finished. This one goes to my daughter-in-law. They live in Florida, and she loves snowmen.
DH posted this on my FB page. He comes up with some good ones.
It appears this project includes only the pattern. Is that true? No information on cloth or colors needed to complete? Thank you!!
I have a cross-stitch pattern calling for a “full and 1/4 stitch” under the same/single symbol. It doesn’t specify what this means. If it means do 2 stitches in the same box, then I don’t know if it matters which stitch is done first- the full or the 1/4. But it might mean do one stitch that is a 1/4 stitch longer than a full stitch. The end effect should look like a solid thick bar there. Does anyone know if it matters? I’ve never seen this on a pattern before. Thank you.
Make tree go almost boom...
I’m trying to find a pattern for a small waving Canada flag. Can anyone help me please.