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Fellow stitchers when you get a few free minutes from your stitching (ha ha) go to the New Patterns site and see the new ones just released by Artecy. They are gorgeous and some have had the back ground removed which could lend itself to a patterned cloth perhaps?? Guess who has put several on her wish list?? Ah well it's fun thinking I will ever do them but they are there if I do.
Prayer request for my 18 year old nephew who just got out of his 4 1/2 hour jaw surgery. All went very well and the doctor said he will look like a totally different person. He was born with a cleft- lip-cleft palate and this should be the last of his surgeries! He had to have his jaw broken in three spots and bone graft put in. His jaw will be wired shut for at least six weeks.
Hi, I want to buy a crossstitch as a thank you gift. I don’t know anything about crossstitch, but I know she does 18 count (very fine) and unless you get really close to her crossstitch you would think it was a painting. So, is 14 point larger stitches and are the cross stitches more recognizable? Carole Carole
With Bermuda going incommunicato for a week we will need others to take up the funny slack. So am asking all to please relate their musings, funny stories, life experiences etc. All of us need her chuckles and wisdom! I am sure their are some out there who have amusing tidbits for us and I know there is a great deal of wisdom - so let's get together and fill in the slack during a Bermuda free zone! 😢
Like DH ‘guessed’ it was....😠 It is the roof of a house on the WIP I'm currently working On while we are up north. It is a beach scene but I haven’t gotten down far enough yet. THIS WIP is the one I was whining about that I should’ve used 3 strands of floss instead of 2 strands to get better coverage, especially if you blow the picture up and look at the black areas of the roof.. I’m hoping when I complete the pattern, release the tension of the Q-Snaps and wash it to try to ‘fluff up’ the floss, It’ll have better coverage.
From Ebay I ordered a "Sleepy Bunnies' crib quilt top. Rec'd it fine BUT there should have been TWO 'hanks' of thread but only one. The color listing is separated into '# of STRANDS' rather than 'SKEINS'. My brain is having trouble deciding how much thread I need to order now. The 'strands' are each 36" long. If it states that I need 10 'strands' how many 'skeins' do I need to order? How about 26 'strands'? Most are 10 strands and under so I figure probably ONE skein is enough, right? Sorry to be so dumb; just having trouble converting these to the 8.7' in DMC skeins. Thanks so much to anyone who can help as quickly as possible.
I wanted to share this stocking I finished for my newest GD. A while ago we were chatting about finishing techniques and I wanted to share mine. I cut bias strips from the backing material, and bind the stocking as one might bind a quilt. I machine stitch the layers of backing, and the back of the binding, then roll it to the front and slip stitch it by hand. It sounds much harder than it actually is.😉
Wishing everyone sunshine and flowers and not too much frogging.... will be off the chat approximately a week...
The crazy hoarder that lives across the street is having the trees/shrubs/weeds/vines/and who knows what all else is in there, cut down in her front yard. They started at 8:30 this morning, saws, chippers, crashing and banging. We’re taking at least 20 years worth of untended growth. She’s a nice person, with a good heart, but about some things she’s bat schit crazy.
I'm just about finished with a picture to enter in the fair and usually wash the projects and iron them dry. There are a lot of metallic stitches in it and I'm wondering if it's safe to iron those. Anyone iron them? Did they survive? My fear is that they might be made of plastic and melt. Thanks for any help.
Thank the person that suggested I go to ISO Cross Stitch Charts & All Things Related to look for the pattern for a book mark "The Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee" However, I could not ask them as they said it is a closed group. I sincerely thank you for your response.
Hi, I'd like to use the Aida Cross Stitch fabric instead of the quilt squares. Is that possible and if so, what count should I use? Thank you
If a food product states it has “10% less fat”...less fat than what? The original product that had 3,000 grams of fat and still has enough fat -after removing the 10% -to completely clog at least 5 different locations in your arteries? Why are we to pluralize words such as ‘birdS’ or ‘dogS’ by adding an ‘s’ at the end of the word, but it’s a no-no to pluralize the words “elk” or “deer” with an ‘S’? Why, as one gets to be over age 65, do more kernels of popcorn get stuck between your teeth?
This box is fantastic! What a great idea to do this. Am looking forward to future boxes. Well done ECS staff!!
So-o-o-ooo, here I am, trying to get a grip on getting things done, with DH nattering on every time the mail arrives from stitchy places. Wish they'd use a more anonymous return address...every single stitchy site. I have hit a snag. I have a pattern that came out in 2013, so in cross stitch, I think it must be ancient, or at least old. It specifies using 331 in DMC. Nobody carries it. Has DMC re-numbered floss? I had a list of floss discontinued, with numbers to refer to when replacing it. Hellllllp!