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Here she is!
Picked up my two latest pieces today- quite pleased with the results😃
...put a little boogie in it....
I can't make a French knot to save my life. I started a new project today that has several, and I have a long way to go before I have to try making them again.
What do most people use on large canvases when stitching. I’m afraid of using a hoop and moving from one section to another. Don’t want to damage any of the stitching. I have a stretch bar but not big enough. Any advice would be welcomed 😀
I love this kit! The mixing of colored floss blew my mind! However, I was working on it during an international flight and left the pattern in the back of the airplane seat 🤦🏼‍♀️ Is there any way to order an replacement or even a pdf?
Hi to all the ladies I had spotted a nice pattern or a kit about sunflowers on Pinterest so all what I want to know where I can get the hardware bell pull. Can anybody help please (( Provence sunflower sampler by Kooller design studio))
I have a pattern that calls for Gentle Art Sampler floss which I have never used. The directions are for 18 count Aida and say to use one thread. Am I correct in assuming this means one strand of floss and not the usual two strands normally used? I don't want to run out of thread by doing the wrong thing. I appreciate any advice. Thanks, Mary H in Ohio.
Took one of my older WIPS out of storage to work on..... Now I realize why I put it into storage.
A warning to all-don't try going to 123 movies for free. It is a virus and I have spent 2 hours and ended up having to take my computer to the bare bones. You don't get something for nothing and I must have forgotten that rule. Anyhow, just a warning although you all are probably smarter than me and would not do it to begin with. Pam
Half a step back...went to the dentist yesterday to have a tooth pulled, and bone graft, (for an implant) He pulled the tooth, but couldn’t do the bone graft because the root of the tooth was huge, left a big hole, and is dangerously close to the sinuses. At least I only have to eat soft food for two days, but he told me not to blow my nose, and sneezing is also on my list of don’ts for a few days. I napped most of of yesterday, but I’m back to stitching today, Boo Butterfly behaved itself today, and all my stitches went in the right holes!
The brain insists on sticking with the same number of floss strands for each one and I almost created another frogging session for myself so it’s ‘FLEX TIME’! Time for me to write down on each WIP pattern - where I can easily see it- how many strands of floss to use AND how many squares to stitch over....
Mini sea turtle How do I choose the black background for the sea turtle?
Well, I finally was able to outfox Stomach, the gastric cells but not notified my metabolism to speed up while I wasn’t drinking liquids and I became dehydrated.....the lab tech had to stick me THREE TIMES to find a vein with some blood.......... I heard snickering in my head......
Hello! Does anyone have this chart and can tell me - is it in color? Sometimes some charts that are a bigger size pattern are all black and white and tough to read. Lol. Thanks!