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This is my current WIP. I started on her a month or so ago, but haven't done much since I came down with this dang cold. I haven't stitched on black fabric before, but now I'm wishing I had done this on 28ct instead of 14ct. It's been a fun stitch, but I wish she'd quit watching me!
I don't understand the measurements given. If I use the calculator 350 x 246 on 25 count I get the stitched area as 28" x 19.7", and the fabric should be 32 x 24. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.
I'm sitting here, trying to stitch. Been watching the Little League World Series and loving it. I need football...badly! Broncos at night are not cutting it... Where are my Packers? (On cable... rats.) Ok, so I'm finishing Winter Medley by From Nancy's Needle. Then, on to other projects in the queue. There are two wreaths from Laura J. Perin designs that are talking to me, and another log pattern from Needle Delights Originals that's got my name all over it. As long as I'm ailing from bursitis in a hip, and don't feel like venturing out, I may as well use up my stash. And as I sort, there's a box marked "Lemonade"... what is one person's lemons is another's lemonade! Keep stitching y'all!! -barb
The other day a work mate asked me if I was going to make some more crochet blankets for babies as I did last year for our 'Kidz in Hospital" fund raising we do each September. After some thought I have reluctantly put down "Sweet Rememberance" and picked up the crochet hook and am now over halfway through the second blanket. I will pick up some more wool from the MIL's house on Sunday as she has so much wool in a bedroom I couldn't believe it when I went and looked. There should also be some baby jackets, booties and hats I did a while ago so I must go and find them and they can go as well. Damn I was really getting into this project and not Krafty will get ahead of me.
MK, erased your address by mistake. My EMail is Sorry, I just went to erase over 600 emails and only 599 did not matter. Yours did.
My daughter recently passed away and left some unfinished cross stitch. One of them is a set of 4 round (approximately 4.5 inches) of the four seasons. I have three -- spring-winter-fall They are not finished but I do not have the patterns for them. I would love to have the instructions -- patterns etc. for all four so I can finish them in her memory. Any help would be appreciated. If necessary I will try to post a picture of one of them. They may have been in a magazine??
I can’t believe how fast the time flies by when stitching in the evenings....I get started and by the time I check the clock it is 2 a.m. in the morning and I feel like the energizer bunny....
What kind of needlework is this? Also what kind of thread do you use and how much should you buy? Sarah M.
Hi, has anyone done this pattern on 14 count Aida rather than linen? Was wondering what color might be best? Thinking Ivory, with the blue cross stitched at the bottom of the picture? Is the lace difficult to stitch? Is it x-stitch or a combination of embroidery stitches? Thanks for any advice you can give me. Wendy
I began this project about a week ago and it's looking better all the time. This is a large piece, roughly 30" x 30" so there is lots of fabric all around my loom (looks like a pvc pipe). The loom I have is about 17" x 11". Stitchers, what do you do with so much fabric overlapping? I have "rolled up" each side using the clamps to hold it down. Any suggestions? Is there a larger loom available other than the ones used for quilting?
So I am doing the word Fall in different fall themed letters. I have the fabric cut the floss bobbinized and qnsap at the read just not sure how to start.
I have a saying I want to do , have drawn it out on graph paper, but need to figure out how to space my letters and center it on 18ct aida. All the letters are the same as the Pledge of Allegiance by Lisa, except for the capital M at he start of the sentence. The saying is "My memories of the ocean will linger long after my footprints are gone". I may add a border later. Help, please! Is there a formula?
What color Aida. Cloth is this stitched on?
Item SKU # 18-2286. Hi Kristi, Love this pattern, see you are out of it but want to order it. Do you have any information that shows what the name of the fabric and the fabric count is. Looks like a hand-dyed fabric from the sample picture, but nothing is listed. Any info would be helpful. Thanks! :) PS: I sent an e-mail to the Jardin Prive’ website requesting the information as well.
Oh, my... the air out there. Environment Canada says on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the worst air quality possible, we are now at a 10. There's a high risk advisory for people with breathing issues right now, so I've been wearing a respirator mask to stitch (and do everything else) for a couple of days. My eyes are so itchy and watery that I can hardly see to stitch but the breathing is so hard I can barely do anything else but sit!! I have pretty much had my asthma under control for years but not right now. We have a lot of fires in the area. Any good vibes or thoughts for some relief would be awesome. Til then, I'll be here in my particulate mask trying to survive!!