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Did you get any rain?
Thanks for asking about the lawn mower I turned out right as rain by Sunday night with a few tinges here and there. I took a hot shower and laid in bed alternating ice with the heating pad for two nights, plus somebody should have bought stock in Bengay this weekend. I went through a lot of I must say I did kind of enjoy the peace of not having to worry about or think about much while I did it though as it was almost hypnotic going around in circles like that.
This is my current WIP. I started on her a month or so ago, but haven't done much since I came down with this dang cold. I haven't stitched on black fabric before, but now I'm wishing I had done this on 28ct instead of 14ct. It's been a fun stitch, but I wish she'd quit watching me!
Oh you open mouth of yawning darkness that I approach, With face mask and goggles and knee guards in place, And a flyswatter in hand, ...just in case. Up into that area of darkness and heat, While bracing my New Balances attached to my feet. I dimly view wood rafters angled above, Silent witnesses to the Kraft-faced R-19 and R-30 That I roll and I shove. I feel like a dung beetle rolling its prize, of Big, pink containers so great in size, On the tar-paper road of the attic’s spine, To reach that distant other side, that’s fine. Then, lo and behold, I can’t believe my eyes! I see a tiny white light on the distant far side! ‘I must be dead’ was my very first thought, and died between attic entrance and the R-19 we had bought, ‘Come to the Light’ a deep voice called to me, as slowly I moved forward on knee-guarded knees, My breathing was fast, my eyeguards went foggy, As I crawled toward that light, my clothes sweaty-soggy. “I’m coming, I’m coming! Please wait for me!” Pleaded I to the light through my stifling mask, as I Crawled through the attic, a difficult task. As I neared that white light, it suddenly occurred, Something wasn’t quite right, Something frankly absurd!, Why did my bladder, part of physical being... Warn me that soon I’d need to be p_ _ing! It was at that moment of pure clarity, I realized DH had turned on the ‘drop light’ for us to see. Packages of insulation stacked hither and yon, Rolls of pink containers like giant bon-bons. Of pushing and pulling and cutting to size, Of rolling and placing the fluffy pink gauze. It took a week, but we can smilingly speak, “It’s complete!”
Another adventure. Trip to the dentist, to have an evil tooth pulled (after several attempts to save it via root canals) Many needle pokes, tugging, jabbing etc. he stepped out of the room, and when he came back told me he was not feeling well, and was going to the ER, because he felt like he was going to pass out. Yikes! They did call another dentist, who was able to get me in right away, but he was a 20 minute drive away. (He’s an oral surgeon, been there before) picture me driving, with a mouthful of gauze, one whole side my face numb, trying to cuss at every red light. It sounded like sung ub a ich, even I had to laugh.
Has anyone worked with Valdani Silk thread? I love the "A Sampler of Seasons" but the thread colors are not listed here & not sure where to purchase.
it does not mention what type of material you sew it onto, and colour. Would you have that same colour and in a 14 or 18 count? I would want to buy the material along with the pattern at the same time! Thank you, Marilyn
So this is my very first cover all pattern! I put the first few stitches in it yesterday and will let you know how it goes! Because this one is small, I counted up from the centre, then left to determine the starting point. This one is for me...reminds me of "the beach". Mary
I'm struggling with several issues here. Physical pain, verbally abusive H, and oddly-abusive acquaintances. I guess I'll just take a few steps back, listen, read, sew, and reflect. Oh, and a very dear friend from high school will die in the next couple weeks... his H doesn't like how we have maintained our friendship for so long... I think his H is jealous of how close we are. God loves us all. Keep strong, and stitch on!
My daughter recently passed away and left some unfinished cross stitch. One of them is a set of 4 round (approximately 4.5 inches) of the four seasons. I have three -- spring-winter-fall They are not finished but I do not have the patterns for them. I would love to have the instructions -- patterns etc. for all four so I can finish them in her memory. Any help would be appreciated. If necessary I will try to post a picture of one of them. They may have been in a magazine??
Hi, has anyone done this pattern on 14 count Aida rather than linen? Was wondering what color might be best? Thinking Ivory, with the blue cross stitched at the bottom of the picture? Is the lace difficult to stitch? Is it x-stitch or a combination of embroidery stitches? Thanks for any advice you can give me. Wendy
what size fabric do I need to stitch this pattern on 14 ct. Aida or 16 ct??
So I am doing the word Fall in different fall themed letters. I have the fabric cut the floss bobbinized and qnsap at the read just not sure how to start.
Well I have just "girded my loins " and gone through my wish list and done a clear out of patterns and kits that no longer excite me. Has brought it back to a more manageable level (for the time being). Now let's go and look at what can replace the discarded patterns/kits. Tee Hee!!!!!
I'm sitting here, trying to stitch. Been watching the Little League World Series and loving it. I need football...badly! Broncos at night are not cutting it... Where are my Packers? (On cable... rats.) Ok, so I'm finishing Winter Medley by From Nancy's Needle. Then, on to other projects in the queue. There are two wreaths from Laura J. Perin designs that are talking to me, and another log pattern from Needle Delights Originals that's got my name all over it. As long as I'm ailing from bursitis in a hip, and don't feel like venturing out, I may as well use up my stash. And as I sort, there's a box marked "Lemonade"... what is one person's lemons is another's lemonade! Keep stitching y'all!! -barb