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Every night Mabel gets a Denta Stick, her routine is she takes it from the kitchen, through the dining room, down the hall, into the bedroom where she gets in her bed, then eats it. Tonight there was a cat standing in the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room. She stopped dead in her tracks, because she won’t go through a door if a cat is the way. She just stood there, with the Denta Stick in her mouth, and looked at me like “what do I do now?” Eventually the cat moved. Relieved, Mabel ran full speed to the bedroom.
This is the completed UFO I found in a tub of cross stitch stuff. I have no idea how long it's been in there or where I got it. Just had to finish the backstitching and assemble....the bells and hanger came with the kit. I think he's cute!
Can you please tell me what kind of thread you use to attach your beads? Or may be my beads are to small? Thank you
I work on one thing until it's finished or if I find I don't like it, I abandon it. Do most of you have more than one project going at a time?
I was weed whipping, and smacked my head on the old wood ladder that hangs on the side of the barn. Since that wasn’t bad enough, I did it again on the way back. I decided to give up on the yard work, and do some back stitching, if I make any mistakes, I’m going to blame it on drain bamage.
It must be an innate subconscious need to punish ourselves from something we did in a past life......
Am eyeballing a series of patterns that uses silk thread. Have never worked with silk. Tips please. TIA! Kris
It is going to be a long summer! My hubby broke his ankle on Saturday. Actually, his fibula down to the ankle joint. Doctor put him in a boot, so no cast which is good for the summertime. At least, he can take that off to shower and even get into the pool! Also, Dante has been diagnosed with Lyme disease! He is on meds now and has started eating a little for me. Hopefully, he will show signs of improvement in 3 to 5 days.
I finally finished backstitching the one half of the Wildflower Wreath that I'm working on. I moved it in my stand and have started backstitching the other half....think I can see a light at the end of the road with this project. Once again thank you for everything from all. A friend gave me some stuff also in which I will be passing on to a lady who is battling cancer.
So tonight is the night I have been waiting for since like January when while browsing through Ticketmaster to see how much Micheal Buble tickets cost and found out the CARRIE UNDERWOOD was coming to town three days before my birthday!!! So I am having mixed feelings about this as I haven't been to a concert of this size in say 20 years. I am excited and VERY anxious at the same time. So send some prayers and luck that I have a good time at the concert tonight!!
Does anyone else have this problem?? Have been working om Sweet Rememberance for the last 2 weeks and looking at it I am having trouble seeing any progress. All I see is confetti by the hundreds. Ah well onwards and upwards and hope things improve or it's going to be a long month.
Going clothes shopping this week for a pair of casual dress pants. I break out into a sweat just thinking about it. There is an outing that DH and I are attending in a couple of weeks and it calls for ‘business casual’. I haven’t worn business casual for over 10 years, have put on some pounds, shortened 1/2” in height. It’s not just the time it takes hunting through the racks of slacks by the multitude of clothes designers that match the number of fire ants in any given mound. It’s the KNOWING, that once I’ve acquired a pile of slacks that might include ‘the one’ which will embrace me from my waist to my ankle, I’ll be entering the ‘shadow of the valley of dressing rooms” to try my choices on! I know this because I was there a long, long time ago.... .....and it’s always the same..... Once you walk through that dressing room entrance you become swallowed into the labyrinth of rooms to choose a dressing room that is not in use, not have 30 items hanging on the interior hooks of one ‘stall’ because the former residents decided they were too tired, too hurried, too ‘“I don’t care if someone else has to pick up after me so I’ll just leave it”, has a door with a lock that works, has a mirror that’s NOT cracked - to avoid the double reflection of my back-end being twice as wide as Mother Nature never intended it to be-, have broken hangers, kids’ candy wrappers, and (heaven forbid)the subtle gleam of a stray staple or some dark stain that still looks wet or that is turning into a new sub-species of fungal bacteria that has yet to be discovered yet by scientists, embedded into the dressing room floor. You begin to feel as though you are choose the wrong door as a contestant on “The Price is Right’ show. I’ll do a week of aerobics just in removing my jeans and begin to stuff, slide, snap, zip ‘business casual’ slack choices #1 through #6 and start breaking into a ‘slow sweat panic’ as I try on slacks #7 because the VOICE IN MY HEAD IS WHISPERING ( in a Vincent Price rendition of Dr. Phibes), “If none of them fit, don’t have an attractive color, are too long or too short in the inseam, you’ll have to start the process ALL OVER AGAIN!!!” I’ll need to bring a “bag’ lunch....
So the panther had mold/mildew on it from being wet off and on. This is after I washed it twice in dawn dish soap. I'm not sure where the pre-wash picture went but I'll try to track it down and add it. It looks a lot better now. Now to finish the popcorn stitching so it will be done.
I completed this for a dear friend who will soon celebrate a milestone birthday. This has very few fractional stitches, minimal backstitching, and was a joy to stitch.
Looking for a piece of 14 ct aida that measures as follows 17 inches wide and 32 inches high. Can you help? Thank you. Mike Rogala