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All Halloween Kits On Sale!

Welcome the little boys and ghouls to your home this Halloween with these kits that are so much fun it it scary!
All All Halloween Kits on Sale in August!
Of funny things our Mabel does. Every time I fill her food container in the kitchen, she has to “steal” a few pieces. She usually waits until I’m done, but today she just couldn’t wait.
Is there anything in the kit used to count off the days or to mark what day you are on? Thank you. Kathy
Suddenly I have to sign in every time.....does anyone else have that problem?
I looked up. The spiders have been decorating. So instead of my usual morning of stitching, I’ve been cleaning. Lesson learned, don’t look up.
How do I order the box?
I don’t live to far away from 2 major shopping outlets. This spring one of them just opened a newly built section. On Friday a large sinkhole formed in the parking lot swallowing 6 cats. There was someone in one of them but she was helped out and is okay. Saturday the hole kept expanding. Last night we had torrential rains again and am sure that will add to the issue. What really gets my goat is the owners have not closed any of the stores near the sinkhole. Nothing like putting your customers safety first. Get it, it is “back to school” next to Christmas probably their busiest time. What happens if a gas line ruptures through this or one of the stores collapses? Already smell lawsuits why are they not avoiding further issues. Can’t imagine the current cost of repairs.
Well I have just "girded my loins " and gone through my wish list and done a clear out of patterns and kits that no longer excite me. Has brought it back to a more manageable level (for the time being). Now let's go and look at what can replace the discarded patterns/kits. Tee Hee!!!!!
Just ordered my first kit. It should arrive next week. Looking forward to starting my first project. My wife loves to cross stitch and convinced me I should try it. I know most of the people here are women, but I hope to share my progress.
I have to tell you that what this TV presenter Trish Regan said about Denmark are big, fat, black lies. We are not amused. It beggars belief that anyone could say things so utterly false. 😡. Please don’t think it was said here. It was on the TV.
IAm in need of two 14 count Christmas green Aida cloth material. BOth need to be 18x24. Thanks for any help you maya be able to give me!
My daughter is having twins.....does this come as a complete set to stitch both the blue and the pink, or do I have to purchase another piece of aida?
and spending some occasional minutes at ‘the beach’ now that friends and family have headed back to their homes. As I speak, DH is napping in his chair and I am sitting here feeling like a 747 airliner shutting it’s engines down after landing. We love them all dearly but it is good to return to the peace and quiet....looking forward to getting my stitching out.....😊
My little shop in St. Charles, MO is closed, which is where I use to buy my fabric, has been closed a few years. I still have white aida cloth, but I would like to order Bunny Nest froom my wish list but I can't seem to find the cloth on this website. I even went to the source- DMC that makes Charles Craft. I am so disappointed. Aside from trying another possible color, any suggestions?
I am back into stitching after being away from many years. When I came back to it, everything is being stitched on linen. So I tried it and I am having such a hard time! I literally cannot see where I am supposed to go. I use extra strength glasses and a bright floor lamp over my work. Any tricks/suggestions or is it just a "keep trying" thing?
I FINALLY finished the first of the 5 pedestal covers for my Eastern Star project, and, in spite of most of the Lakewood Fire Department across the street, I even have the second piece of Aida cloth cut, and measured for the second cover! The pattern is the Artecy Mini Butterfly, and I'm stitching them on 14 count so they can be seen from anywhere in our Chapter room. This will be for the yellow Star Point, then will be the white one (ugh - and on white Aida cloth). Oh, and I'm still designing 3 other pedestal covers for our Associate Matron, Conductress and Associate Conductress pedestals. Good thing I have a couple years to get them done!