Kreinik Cord

Kreinik Cord is a one ply, tightly wrapped metallic thread perfect for couching, outlining, backstitching or adding "lacy" effects when cross stitching. Ideal for machine embroidery, quilting and smocking. The fiber used to construct the cord is round which provides a nubby, textured sheen. Unlike other Kreinik threads, this cord will pass through the eye of a machine needle for machine embellishment. Cord colors coordinate with the blending filaments, braids and ribbons.
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Kreinik Threads:
We can’t find Kreinik floss available anywhere. Believe us, we have looked! We're sorry, but we've been waiting months for replacement inventory. According to the Kreinik website:
"It has been taking longer than usual to make threads. An avalanche of problems is getting cleared away now and shipping times should improve soon."
We apologize for the avibility issues here at ECS, but we simplay can't find stock and honestly, are not sure when these items will be available.
Due to these challenges, we can’t take orders for threads currently out of stock. We appreciate your patience while we do our best to make these products available.
Floss & Thread, 001C Silver Cord by Kreinik
001C Silver
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 002C Gold Cord by Kreinik
002C Gold
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 021C Copper Cord by Kreinik
021C Copper
Floss & Thread, 105C Antique Silver Cord by Kreinik
105C Antique Silver
Floss & Thread, 201C Chocolate Cord by Kreinik
201C Chocolate
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 202C Indigo Cord by Kreinik
202C Indigo
Floss & Thread, 205C Antique Gold Cord by Kreinik
205C Antique Gold
Floss & Thread, 215C Antique Copper Cord by Kreinik
215C Antique Copper