Kreinik Tapestry Braid (#12)

Needlepointers, this is the perfect braid for you! Kreinik Metallic Tapestry Braid is slightly thinner than Kreinik Medium Braid, yet slightly thicker than Kreinik Fine Braid. The soft and lustrous, yet strong Tapestry Braid is perfect for blackwork, needlepoint (14-20 canvas), cross stitch (11-16 aida), smocking, tatting, crochet, embroidery, machine sewing, Brazilian embroidery and quilting. This thread will not ravel and is easy to use. Hand washable and dry cleanable.
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Kreinik Threads:
We can’t find Kreinik floss available anywhere. Believe us, we have looked! We're sorry, but we've been waiting months for replacement inventory. According to the Kreinik website:
"It has been taking longer than usual to make threads. An avalanche of problems is getting cleared away now and shipping times should improve soon."
We apologize for the avibility issues here at ECS, but we simplay can't find stock and honestly, are not sure when these items will be available.
Due to these challenges, we can’t take orders for threads currently out of stock. We appreciate your patience while we do our best to make these products available.
Floss & Thread, 221 Antique Gold (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
221 Antique Gold
Floss & Thread, 100 White (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
100 White
Floss & Thread, 029L Dyelectric Blue (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
029L Dyelectric Blue
Floss & Thread, 003L Robot Red (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
003L Robot Red
Floss & Thread, 001L Solar Silver (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
001L Solar Silver
Floss & Thread, 027L Orangeruptis (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
027L Orangeruptis
Floss & Thread, 012L Lavendartric (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
012L Lavendartric
Floss & Thread, 152V Vintage Sienna (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
152V Vintage Sienna
Floss & Thread, 024 Fuchsia (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
024 Fuchsia
Floss & Thread, 022L Molten Mocha (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
022L Molten Mocha
Floss & Thread, 002 Gold ( (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
002 Gold
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 032 Pearl (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
032 Pearl
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 001 Silver (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
001 Silver
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 202HL Aztec Gold (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
202HL Aztec Gold
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 005 Black (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
005 Black
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 003 Red (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
003 Red
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 002L Chromo Gold (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
002L Chromo Gold
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 008L Kinetic Kelly (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
008L Kinetic Kelly
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 033L Royal Blast (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
033L Royal Blast
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 007L Power Pink (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
007L Power Pink
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 060 Midnight #12 by Kreinik
060 Midnigh
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 015L Laser Lime (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
015L Laser Lime
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 021L Coptic Copper (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
021L Coptic Copper
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 210 Gold Dust (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
210 Gold Dust
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 026L Punchy Purple (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
026L Punchy Purple
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 024L Fiery Fuchsia (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
024L Fiery Fuchsia
Out of Stock
Floss & Thread, 005L Blinding Black (#12 Braid) by Kreinik
005L Blinding Black
Out of Stock